Marketing Campaign Management

Bringing in external marketing campaign management resource can make a real difference when launching a new product, a fundraising campaign, or a customer event. Campaigns are often additional to the day to day running of a marketing department, so commissioning an external campaign manager means that you can be sure that the project is delivered on time, on budget and with the results that you want.

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Detailed and focused campaign planning

Engaging an external campaign manager has many benefits. As a consultant I often find my value is being able to focus on one campaign and deliver  a detailed campaign plan, rather than being pulled into the wider demands of the team’s role.

I am also able to utilise the experience and skills that I've developed working across many organisations.  I bring great project management and discipline but new ideas and a fresh approach that your team can learn from too. Delivering effective campaigns does require creativity, but the key is to ensure that every element is ready, and that delivery is scheduled for maximum results.

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Well planned campaigns deliver results

Creating clear, measurable objectives and channel KPIs for a campaign is essential. Once everything is planned, created and delivered, campaign measurement and reporting not only demonstrate the success of the campaign but also creates a valuable opportunity to learn what worked to improve the next project, tweak the messaging or the channel strategy.
I have delivered campaigns that have resulted in high levels of social engagement and referrals, website traffic and leads, event attendees, sales, donations and memberships. In all cases, well planned campaigns deliver results.

Read more about the fun and successful Clinks@20 birthday celebration campaign that I delivered for a small charity here.

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